After 5 cross country moves in 5 years, my husband and I now call a tiny condo in Chicago home. I can’t imagine living anywhere else - we LOVE the city life! From 2016 to 2021, our adventures took us from Nashville to Minneapolis to Chicago to South Carolina to Phoenix and back to Chicago. Hundreds of boxes and thousands of miles later, we’re embarking on our biggest journey yet!

Through it all, I’ve learned you can create a good, happy life wherever you are. Here at Good Happy Living, you’ll find snippets of our life and lessons we’ve learned along the way.  

Making city life simpler (and more fun!) with tips, tricks, and lessons for small space living.

Hi, I’m Hilari!

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Our son, TDW. My husband, Grant. My family. Hap, the family dog. Cookies. Bourbon. Friends near and far. Long walks throughout neighborhood. Chilly winter days. Football. Sunday night dinner. Snail mail. Vanderbilt University (it’s where I met Grant, after all!). Sunrises. Cozy cocktail bars. My Peloton. Roasted broccoli. Travel. Organizing. Reading. Boxed Mac + cheese. Sneakers. The water (of any kind - lakes, rivers, oceans). Traditions. Writing. Sweatshirts. Documenting life through photos. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged to live your own version of good and happy, whatever that might mean to you.

A few of my favorite good, happy things?

xo, hilari 

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