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Dear Tommy, How has it been 2 years since that day all of our lives changed forever in Seoul? Each day with you is a gift, a blessing, and true delight. You are growing and changing right before our eyes – having a front row seat to your life is the greatest privilege I’ll ever […]

family photo on beach


Dear Tommy, Today, we have been a family for 365 days – a whole year! And you have made every single one of those days brighter, more joyful, and it’s impossible to imagine our life before you. You are the glue that holds our family together – our days are full – of love, of […]

tommy blowing out candles on a cake


Well, an entire year has passed since my last recap (looking at you, January 2022). Let’s just say A LOT of life happened in the past 12 months (hi, Tommy!). But here we are – I’m hoping to be more present and consistent here. This blog is such a fun creative outlet and in the […]

family photo in the snow


Our sweet, brave boy turned TWO this week. How is it possible that we have a two year old? We had the most special day celebrating our favorite little guy! Tommy continues to brighten our life in every way and has added immeasurable joy to our family. He really is our missing piece and I […]

boy blowing out birthday candles


April 27, 2022 will always hold a special place in our hearts and these photos are truly a gift. We’ll look back on these for decades to come – remembering our sleepy, sweet, brave, and resilient son on the day all of our lives changed forever. Photos taken by WelkinLight Photography at Changdeokgung Palace to […]

family photo at Changdeokgung Palace


April 27, 2022 – a day we will remember forever. The day we became a family! After 2.5 years of hurdles and delays and a pandemic and a cross country move – we officially welcomed our brave, loving, resilient, sweet boy into our family. Tommy, you are loved, wanted, chosen, and the biggest blessing in […]

grant, hilari, and tommy in front of a palace


AKA the BEST TRIP EVER! We left as 2 and came back as 3. To be honest, this trip was such a blur – it went so quickly and was filled with so much joy. Preparing for our second trip to Seoul has been completely different than the first trip! On April 1, Korea changed […]

grant and hilari outside airport


Like everything with adopting during a pandemic, our first trip did not go as planned. It was an amazing trip, but not quite the trip we had in mind when we left Chicago on March 19th!! Sunday, March 27 Well, we made it through quarantine! I am not exaggerating when I say that the past […]

downtown seoul